The owners behind Cirlce pharmacy

Keeping Circle Pharmacy a family-owned business since 1973 is something we're proud of. Meet our owners, Zach McLeod & Cody Pickens.

Zach McLeod grew up in different pharmacies around his mom, grandfather, and uncle who are all pharmacists. By the time he went off to college, he knew he wanted to continue in their footsteps, and help keep the business in the family. 

When in college, Zach would come back and spend his summers in Dothan working for his grandfather, furthermore confirming his passion and excitement to pursue a pharmacy and business degree. He attended Union University College of Pharmacy, and graduated with his PharmD and MBA in May of 2019. 

In 2018, Zach moved to Dothan and stepped into ownership of Circle with his partner Cody in October of  2019. 

Zach has been married to his high school sweetheart Katie for five years. They love living in Dothan with their daughter Lynlee, and two cavalier pups, Darcy and Winston.

When he's not working, Zach loves

Day trips to the beach, long walks with Katie and the pups, or trying new recipes in the kitchen. 

Meet our owner,

Cody pickens 

Cody grew up in Sneeds, FL and graduated Florida A&M University in 2018. 

Cody bought into co-ownership of Circle alongside Zach in 2019. He loves getting to work in the long-term care pharmacy, and believes in giving our patients the best experience possible. When he's not filling prescriptions, you can find him cheering on the Florida Gators, golfing, or traveling with his beautiful wife Mallory.